hi all..
i'm back after a long & tiring break...
alhamdulillah everything went well..
my eldest sister's wedding had just over and she had just went back to UK..
so i'm back with myHERBALIFEshop...
i'll update on weight management later on..

here are precious moments during the wedding ceremony in Ipoh

after the engagement!!!
taken from mnkcreative.com

the most important moment..
huhuhuhu ;-)

alhamdulillah...everything went well and there's the newlywed ;)

it's me..
holding the 'mas kahwin'

my beloved mom and sisters
smiling happily for Feela's precious moment

after the 'nikah' session and before 'malam berinai' ceremony

it's my turn to 'titik inai' for the newlywed

my family at the 'malam berinai' ceremony

there goes the bridesmaid..!!!
hehehehheheh (",)


the 'potong kek' ceremony

till here guys..!!
will update later with the ceremony at the bridegroom side in Beserah, Kuantan

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